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Has the ATF helped you, a member of your family or perhaps a close friend?

Do you believe as we do, the ATF is an essential service for thyroid patients?

Providing a Bequest will help the ATF continue to help thyroid patients into the future.

The ATF’s commitment to provide educational and support services for members and continue to raise awareness about thyroid disorders and prevention of iodine deficiency throughout Australia is the ATF’s priority.

Your Bequest will be greatly appreciated by the ATF with acknowledgement on our website and via our member newsletter ‘Thyroid News’.

Your Bequest will go towards ensuring the ATF meets our commitment, to be able to continue to help future generations of Australians.

To ensure the ATF continues, please consider making a Bequest and supporting The ATF.

Thank you.



Phone: +61 (0) 447 834 724
(If you would like to organise a phone chat, please email to organise a time, thank you!)

Mailing Address: PO Box 7161, Norwest NSW 2153, Australia


The mission of The Australian Thyroid Foundation Ltd (ATF) is to offer support, information and education to members and their families through the many services provided by The ATF and raise awareness about health consequences of iodine deficiency and the benefits of good thyroid health.

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