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Test Your Thyroid

Diagnosis of a thyroid disorder depends on thyroid function pathology testing.  As a patient, knowing which tests are available and how to interpret results will help you when discussing with your doctor.

Be Thyroid Aware and Get Tested  -  Over 1 million Australian are living with an undiagnosed thyroid disorder!

What You Need To Know

If you are experiencing underactive or overactive thyroid symptoms, physical changes to your thyroid gland or you have a family history of thyroid disorders, please consult your doctor and discuss the correct tests which can determine or eliminate a thyroid disorder.

Medicare will initially cover a TSH Pathology Test. Your doctor can request further tests if a Thyroid Auto-immune Disease (Hashimoto’s or Graves’ Diseases) are suspected or a family history of thyroid disorders is noted.

If you have an enlarged thyroid gland, pain, trouble swallowing or breathing, a Thyroid Ultrasound may be ordered. A Thyroid Ultrasound shows the physical health of the thyroid gland including; the size, shape and texture of the gland. It also detects if any nodules or cysts have developed on your thyroid gland.

(Thyroid Function Tests include – TSH, T4 and T3. Thyroid Antibodies determine if a patient has a Thyroid Auto-Immune Disease, either Hashimoto’s or Graves’ Diseases. A Thyroid Ultrasound shows the physical health of the thyroid gland - the size, shape and texture of the gland if nodules are present.)

Reducing the time in reaching a correct diagnosis will help improve your quality of life or eliminate the possibility of a thyroid disorder.

Thyroid Disorders affect patients in many ways and symptoms can vary from patient to patient. The most common cause of a thyroid disorder is due to a thyroid auto-immune disease – either Hashimoto’s Disease or Graves’ Disease.

Test results and treatments depends on the diagnosis and the individual. The best result and outcome depends on what is right for you.

Thyroid Disorders affect women more than men. Australians in all life stages need to be aware of their thyroid health and speak consult their doctor to ensure their thyroid health is adequate.

It is essential for women of child bearing years to have their thyroid function and the possibility of a thyroid auto-immune disease determined before conception.

Thyroid disorders and thyroid function during pregnancy can affect the foetal brain development and pregnancy outcomes.

Maintaining a good relationship with your doctor to ensure your thyroid treatment and management is a joint a partnership is important for long term treatment.

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The mission of The Australian Thyroid Foundation Ltd (ATF) is to offer support, information and education to members and their families through the many services provided by The ATF and raise awareness about health consequences of iodine deficiency and the benefits of good thyroid health. 

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